Help Your Son or Daugther Prepare For Organic Chemistry

When Chief Educator Daniel was a student studying organic chemistry, he created a unique and exclusive set of hand-written flashcards. These flashcards were created because he wanted to excel in the course and the limitations of available flashcards did not allow for optimal test preparation and grasp of the information. It became evident that professors tested the information in such a way that you needed to know the reaction backwards and forwards. It was important to know any part of the reaction no matter what information was given. Therefore, physical flashcards were developed on 4"x6" white note cards with each of the three elements of the reaction written on the front of the card. Overlying each element was a cut sticky note serving as a window. On the back were all the key tips and notes that were pertinent to the reaction. He would study by uncovering any two windows then try to determine the third. This exercise was repeated for every permutation of the flashcard. After realizing the tremendous benefit and the unique edge on the competition these flashcards provided, the decision was made to develop a program to share this one-of-a-kind study method with future organic chemistry students. After years of hard work was born..

Our Philosophy
Maintaining the same concept that was developed with the first hand-written cards, students can now learn organic chemistry in this unique fashion. This is accomplished by providing students the opportunity to learn the information in our "Study Mode," then practice what they learned by creating custom quizzes using the same style afforded by the hand-written cards, but modernized to the fun and highly-polished interface of our web-designed "Quiz Mode."

In addition to the cutting edge style of presenting the reactions themselves, the program is infused with a tremendous amount of "high-yield" information. This means that in addition to providing all of the necessary facts and notes on each reaction, we reveal all of the frequently tested key points that are favorites among university classroom exams and standardized exams alike. These are candidly pointed out in the text of the reaction description to guide your studying to focus on the most popular test topics. In addition, we alert you of common student traps and pitfalls. Perhaps the most valuable of gems studded throughout our reaction descriptions are the tips and shortcuts that help students hone in on how to solve and critically think about organic chemistry reactions. This simply can not be obtained by attempting to sift through the abyss of what most organic chemistry textbooks present.

Customer Support is Paramount
So go ahead and sign-up today. Our customer support team of educators, content editors, web specialists and technical support staff are highly responsive to customer inquiries. Please feel free to call or message us and we will be happy to provide you with exceptional service. We know how difficult organic chemistry can be, and we are here to help you through. Happy studying!