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This is honestly the best money you will ever spend on organic chemistry. Forget modeling kits and expensive books, this site has it all and it is simple to use! Helped me get an A and I'm sure it will help you too!

Lily Roth | University of Pittsburg | Source: Facebook

This program was exactly what I was looking for to help learn the reactions in Organic Chemistry. The flashcards are presented in an awesome format that really helped me learn the reactions. I loved the quiz mode!!! I would create like 20 different quizzes testing myself on the material in all the different ways. I felt so good about the reactions after doing that. I highly recommend to all who don't want to take Orgo twice!

Hanna J. | Georgia State University

This site is the real deal. The material is presented very well and the exam tips helped out a lot. Highly recommended!

Craig T. | Florida State University

OMG!! I'm so excited that I finally passed Orgo and I have to give thanks to this website.

I failed Orgo the first time around even though I tried very hard, but the second time I used this site to learn the reactions and I passed!

Stacy Steinbaum | University of Central Florida

I was grateful to have found Using the material on your site helped me to understand and clarify better what my professors were trying to teach me. The site was easy to use and had the majority of information that I was using in my organic chemistry I and II classes. The only thing I would like to have seen was a little more information from organic chemistry II class. I would definitely recommend this site to everyone and I rate it with 4 stars.

Heather R | Binghamton University

Ok, so the first day of Organic Chemistry I sit down in class and the professor walks and says "Most Of You Will Fail My Course". He has our attention! He then want on to say if we do all the work and study hard we will most likely get a "C" (meaning we will pass). Well guess what I can't be just getting by with C's as I am looking to go to Medical School. While most of my classmates were pretty relived to hear him say a "C" average is possible, I decided to see if there were any study tools available in the book store or online. I know my college has free tutoring, but I was looking for a method to that helps ME learn the best way. So like many I resorted to Google and found this website. The price was right and they offered a money back guarantee so I figured why not. Upon registering and logging in, I was extremely impressed. I am a big "Flashcard" study person and having them presented online was very intuitive to the way I study. I can say I aced the reactions on my tests, especially the questions where you are asked to fill in the product or a reactant. I liked the drawing tool when studying on my iPad, but for the most part, I used the online flashcards along with my notebook to draw them on paper. I always seem to remember anything when I draw or write it down a few times. If you are taking Orgo 1, I highly recommend this study site.

Elan C. | Auburn University

I heard about this site from a friend while on vacation over the summer. We were talking about the upcoming semester and I mentioned Organic Chemistry. I am glad I did. My friend Rebecca, took the course once and failed it before looking to the internet for better study tools. She told me how she used this site to learn all the reactions in first semester O-chem and aced her exams this time around. That's all I needed to hear. I joined this site for a month and used it as a companion to what my Professor was teaching. I had a pretty cool Professor unlike some others and he was so impressed with my midterms that he made a comment and asked me how I had been studying. I told him briefly and even my professor was impressed that this tool was out there as he was unaware of it. If you do join this site, make sure you join at the "Semester Rate" which I believe to be 3 or 4 months. I made the mistake of joining for just 1 month and when my time ran out, I went ahead an upgraded to the semester membership as I used it all the up to my finals. Good luck!

California State University | California State University

I just finished orgo 1 and nobody thought I would pass! Not my boyfriend or my family. I want to go to nursing school and I usually am horrible at math and sciences. Without this site there is no way I would of learned the reactions. I am living proof that if you sit down and give it your all, you can do anything. I used the Flashcards here while in the library on my laptop. I would quiz myself to learn reactant a, b and product backwards and forwards. Reading the notes that are hidden with each reaction put everything together and really helped. Like others I almost changed my major when I heard I had to take this course as I don't have money to waste on dropping courses if it doesn't work out. I am on a very limited scholarship and have to maintain a certain grade point average in order to keep it. On top of all this I did 15 credits this past semester which I was advised by the school advisors not to do when taking orgo. I kinda agree with them as 15 credits is a lot even with easy courses in my opinion, but if you use this site and put your mind to it, you can do well. I promise.

Denise J. | Brandeis University

I only like to learn orgo by using flashcards. I used to have to write them all out on index cards and it would take me forever to get that done. By the time I was finished I would barely have any time before the exam to review what I had spent days preparing.'s flashcards takes care of all that for me and provides excellent flashcards that are easy to use and effective! Now I spend my time studying instead of wasting countless precious hours!"

Javier B. | Northeastern University

The best o-chem site out there- hand down. Bravo, Bravo!

Joel M. | University of California San Francisco

All I can say is I wish that I had found this site a month ago. There is no need to research other orgo study resources because this is the one you need.

Brad S. | Yeshiva University

You know how you have those questions on the exam that give you one of the reactants and the product and they ask for the other reactant, and you know how those questions are always so annoying and difficult to prepare for? Well fear no more,'s got your back on those and other annoying roadmap and synthesis questions. In fact that is the whole premise of this site and that's why I love it!"

Mckinsey L. | Union College

It's very simple: I wanted to get an A in Orgo because that's what med schools look for. got me there.

Kelly H. | Princeton University

I love because it really forced me to know the ins and outs of every reaction. I finally was able to successfully answer all synthesis questions! You can also learn very fast with this method.

Emily G. | Binghamton University

I really loved the Reaction Roadmap tool. I felt confident going into my exams and got a 90%. The flashcards helped a lot too and made it much easier to learn. My professor really was shocked at my scores because the rest of the class didn't do to well. I kept this website a secret until now.

Dave J. | Florida State University is GENIUS. Everything finally made sense after using this program. helped me tackle every question on my final exam with confidence. I finished the class with an A thanks to this study system. I really stated out lost and searched high and low in the book stores for a study guide before I did a Google search and luckily found this site. My best friend is in the course now and using this site as well."

William S. | University of Texas

I use to hate those annoying mulit-step synthesis questions, but now I enjoy them.’s Quiz function is the ideal tool to help prepare for those lengthy and challenging exam questions.

Ruth R. | University Of Pennsylvania

When I started studying organic chemistry I had quite a tough time and often ran into some very stressing road blocks. I was tired of approaching the wrong people and using resources that just made me more confused. When I found out about, this all changed. presents accurate material that is extremely well organized and easy to understand. It is very refreshing to see an O-chem resource I can finally relate to. If you want to get an A in Organic Chemistry get to help you.

Kabir M. | University Of Alabama

I hate memorizing and I never seem to remember anything the day after I study something. changed everything for me. Their program transforms studying the mounds of reactions from a tedious chore into an exciting and rewarding experience. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to truly learn organic without actually having to memorize."

Brianna K. | Nova Southeastern University helped me really understand organic chemistry. Don't make the mistake of trying to learn orgo without it, use to guide you through.

Harrison L. | Queens College

The study charts are the best. I have never come across such a nice clear, concise and well organized comparison of SN1, SN2, E1 and E2. Also I loved using that quiz mode.

Blake S. | University of Chicago