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We are committed to bringing our members and visitors a strong product to aide in learning organic chemistry. We appreciate all feedback and are constantly improving our program. We operate our methods with the highest level support.

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All billing is handled securely through Authorize.net as a one time fee. We do not process subscription based payments whatsoever. We offer a 100% money back guarantee in which you must show proof that you did not pass. Payments will be refunded directly to your credit card.

Refund Policy
We are so confident in our program that we guarantee that you will pass. If you do not, and you provide adequate proof, you will be given a full refund for the cost of the program that you purchased. If you are taking an organic chemistry course in high school, college, or a professional school, simply scan and email a copy of your transcript or equivalent documentation demonstrating a failing grade in organic chemistry and email it to us. You will have the option of a total refund or to be given additional study time. If you are taking a standardized exam, simply demonstrate that you scored below the 65th percentile in the organic chemistry section of the exam. For other scenarios, please e-mail us and we can discuss your case on an individual basis. In all other cases, all sales are final and thus we cannot offer a refund after your payment has been received under no circumstances due to the nature of our online program and proprietary content.

We have tried to provide content in this program that is as accurate as possible. Despite our best efforts, you may come across errors. We can not held responsible for inaccuracies and misinformation. However, if you believe you have found an error in our information, we would really apprreciate it if you Contact Us to let us know. Thank you."

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First Semester Organic Chemistry
We aim to present those reactions typically covered in first semester organic chemistry. We cannot make any guarantee that what is covered in the course you are taking is covered in our program. However, we do make an effort to represent the common topics and reactions that are taught in typical entry level and/or the first course of a sequence of undergraduate organic chemistry courses. As there is variation among institutions on how the material is divided between two standard semesters of organic chemistry, some topics typically taught in the second semester are covered in this program. We highly encourage that you visit http://www.studyorgo.com/whats-covered.php for more detail on the broad topics covered in our program.