Reaction Roadmap

In order to truly master the art of organic chemistry and learn Orgo backwards and forwards, one must understand the interrelationship between the various functional groups and reactions.

In order to help visualize this, we have prepared our famed Reaction Roadmap Tool. The Roadmap is laid out in front of your eyes and the reactions represent the “paths” to various “destinations” which are the functional group categories. You may click on any reaction and you are brought to the corresponding flashcard page dedicated to that reaction.

We have all faced those terrifying multi-step synthesis problems that ask that we fabricate one compound from a very different starting compound. This requires 5, 10 or even more intermediate reactions to complete this task. Conceptualizing these reactions in this way will undoubtedly aid in mastering theses challenging exam puzzles.

Click on the reaction category to use our Proven Organic Chemistry Flashcards study system to learn the reactions.