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Expensive Orgo Tutors's Quizzes prepares you for what your professors will test on exams! Tutors usually don't have access to exams and quizzes to prepare you for what's tested. offers one time fees in which you can study at your own pace. Tutors charge upwards of $100 per hour and you need multiple sessions.'s specially designed Exercise Sets are a fun way to test your knowledge Tutors usually teach you in the same fashion your professor has which can be boring and hard to understand.
Over 100 Reactions Presented In Our Proven and Unique Flash Card Method Most tutors don't help you study with flash cards which can be the most effective format.
Polished and feature rich study interface right at your computer or tablet. Boring and unorganized study environment in which you have to meet with the tutor.'s tips, tricks and hints. Hints disclosed by tutors are often easily obtained from a basic textbook. Reaction Roadmap study tool This study tool won't be found anywhere. No tutors have access to it!
High quality, well organized program Quality and organization can be spotty
Very user friendly Due to dated technology often used by tutors, their platform is built on tedious steps required to complete even the simplest tasks
One click instant access to the full study package Sometimes tutors have too many students and can't work with your schedule.
100% satisfaction guarantee that you pass your class! No tutors offer money back gaurantees and ususally don't lose any sleep over you not passing.
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Our program works for organic chemistry students and we have countless testimonials to prove it! Read what our students have to say here Tutors may not be what they claim to.

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